Monday, December 13, 2010

A big poop

Grace has had issues with diaper rash, in fact it is so bad we have been to the dr several time and had several phone calls and will probably be going again in the next day. The poor thing has some VERY irritated fire engine red- burnt skin "down there." It is now just bright red but it must be itchy as she tries to itch every chance she gets.
We were told to leave her diaper off as often as possible...hmmm let's think about that:
#1. It's winter...her little legs and bum bum get quite cold.
#2. She is almost 10 months old...she pees A LOT.

Luckily I can USUALLY predict her pooping schedule... (she is a regular little girl). But tonight she had an off schedule poop. I had just given her her "butt bath" of water and baking soda, and was playing in the living room with her reading a book on my lap when I felt a warmth on my leg. Ugh I just got peed on I thought. Nope that wasn't a pee smell but a poop...a really big poop, inches long in fact. I could carry on and describe color, texture etc but I doubt most are as enthralled with my child's poop as I am.

Michael came in and scooped up Grace to clean her up so I could change my clothes and dispose of the poop before the dog got to us! He laughed and made a few jokes (that's crappy)...I didn't see too much humor in it, until he groaned and had it on himself as well...

It was the end to a wonderful snow day with Mommy and Daddy....oh wait she peed on me later after the poop incident...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today we went to the pumpkin patch! Grace loved to watch the people and the other kids. The pumpkins were quite yummy, the stems to be exact, Grace chewed on them. She even enjoyed the hay bales, as the hay was fun to pick up and thrown, and eat...

Soon my little inch worm will be crawling across the floor, but for now, I just enjoy each and every new experience with her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation with Mimi

Grace and I spent the last week with Mimi (my mom) in Florida. Our time was spent, swimming in the pool. eating and shopping! I was worried Grace would feel out of sorts in the pool, but I think that she just felt so fashionable in her butterfly swimsuit that she had just too much fun! It really pooped her out and she slept like a champ.

Tomorrow I will awaken to my 6 mo old baby...whew, can not wait for the joy of more things to come!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So adorable

There is nothing cuter and more endearing then hearing Michael play with Grace...some of the things that he says and laughs with her about are hilarious. The catch is that he is usually a bit shy when anyone else is around so you almost have to be a creeper and listen in on his conversations. When I do this usually means that I am NOT getting done what I am supposed to be doing, like now for instance.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 10 things I've learned from Grace

10. SOCKS....who needs them?
9. Outfit changes are really just another form of a fashion show.
8. Daddy's girls really do exist, I am one and so is Grace.
7. Rattles really are entertaining.
6. Poop...need I say more
5. Hand holding (more like finger holding) is fabulous
4. I'll do anything for a laugh!
3. Messes are fun...especially when it involves #9
2. Shrill high pitched screams CAN be hilarious.
1. A smile or laugh can make your day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

When Dad's away

Michael left Saturday am to go on a two week trip to France. It was a wonderful opportunity as the trip was almost all paid for by Akron University. At the same time...ugh, I get to play single mom while he is gone.

But that is ok, I have decided to make good use of my time while he is gone. Which means I get to do a project! I am working on the basement. It has not been of use since we moved in 2 years ago and soon it will become (think big booming announcer voice) "THE MAN CAVE." A place to send the men (and maybe children) so it can be quiet and serene in the rest of the house! So in two days my father and I have removed tile, demolished some shelves and made a fabulous mess! I can't wait to surprise Michael when he comes home from his trip to find a renovated basement with a fabulous new television and couch to complete his "MAN CAVE." That is if I survive the next few days!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being your Dad

Gracie oh Gracie how you've changed my life! I sit here thinking about what my life was like a year ago today... rushing around for Prom and Graduation, working on my masters... and how that compares to today.
While I'm still senior class advisor and taking post-grad classes there is nothing that holds a torch to my commitment to you. You are what I think about as I wake, go through my day, and as I drift off to sleep.

You came into our live approximately 90 days ago and how you've changed me. I've never known how much I could love someone who can't even speak, but surely can smile and squeak! There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for you. You're with me everyday even when I'm away at work. Your my screen saver and all of my students love to see the new pictures of you as you grow.

You also need to know how hard your Mommy works. She's up at all hours of the day working so very hard to feed, bathe, hold, and comfort you. We love you so very much!