Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting the poo off her back! Yuck!
Today was Grace's first bath! Michael had asked me a few days ago when we should start bathing her. I calmly responded that there was no rush, she's not really getting dirty. That was until, I went upstairs this evening to change her diaper before a feeding and WOWZER! The poor baby had poop up to her bubbies and all the way up her back!
Oddly enough Michael and I celebrated this as she have been worried about her lack of poo! And Michael was VERY happy I was changing her as he has gotten almost all of the poo diapers.

All clean, getting dried off Wide awake and not quite ready for her diaper
Grace was a champ and seemed to enjoy her bath, until I washed her hair, she didn't like getting her head wet. She seemed to like the sense of freedom of being without clothes and diapers. I have noticed that she loves for me to leave her diaper off for a while when I change her, I think her love of "freedom" must come from her Daddy.

All warm, snuggly and clean!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

With the windows open and the sun shining! Today is a great day! We took a family walk around the block to get some fresh air! Grace did such a wonderful job, she slept the entire time! Oscar works hard to ensure that he is in front of the stroller, as he needs to be first in line! Can't wait to get more endurance to go farther and farther! My goal is to try and start running with the hopes of doing a 1/2 marathon in July with friends. Another goal of mine was to lose 30 lbs before I went back to work in August. I'm almost there, I went the the DR the other day and I am 16 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant! That still doesn't mean I am back in my jeans, though I have worn "regualr" pants a few times! Slowly but surely!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"All right Gracie, what did we win?"

This is Michael talking to Grace as he changes her diaper, Grace responds with a lovely scream. Oh how the conversation has changed in this house. Just three weeks ago it was of house projects, work and plans...now it is of poop, pee and mostly feedings.

Feedings have not been a source of enjoyment this past week but I am praying that today we have turned the corner. A lovely piece of silicon to help with feedings and hopefully Miss Grace will begin to put on the ounces and continue to eat.

I'm not sure what I would have done without the support system of my husband. my parents, and our friends. I don't think I have discussed my ta-tas with so many people in my life. Nor have so many people seen or manhandled them. Michael and I have lost count the number of nurses and consultants that have grabbed and moved the girls around. The poor things need a vacation, I'm sure!