Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting the poo off her back! Yuck!
Today was Grace's first bath! Michael had asked me a few days ago when we should start bathing her. I calmly responded that there was no rush, she's not really getting dirty. That was until, I went upstairs this evening to change her diaper before a feeding and WOWZER! The poor baby had poop up to her bubbies and all the way up her back!
Oddly enough Michael and I celebrated this as she have been worried about her lack of poo! And Michael was VERY happy I was changing her as he has gotten almost all of the poo diapers.

All clean, getting dried off Wide awake and not quite ready for her diaper
Grace was a champ and seemed to enjoy her bath, until I washed her hair, she didn't like getting her head wet. She seemed to like the sense of freedom of being without clothes and diapers. I have noticed that she loves for me to leave her diaper off for a while when I change her, I think her love of "freedom" must come from her Daddy.

All warm, snuggly and clean!

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