Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My belly before we went into hosptial

Our Last picture as a twosome!

Today is the day! We have to be at the Hospital at 5 for the whole induction process! Though I must say I am not so happy about all the stuff that I get to do in the next few days, I am excited to meet chicken and give him/her an official name! (Though I doubt chicken will even leave as a nickname)! I took my first day of maternity leave today, and it is STRANGE...glad I will have a baby to soon keep me more than busy as I am pretty bored right now! Onto priorities...need to get my toes touched up and a manicure for my "trip" to Akron General!

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  1. a little tip from someone who was induced 2x... EAT LIKE A HORSE NOW because once you set foot in those doors, it is over. good luck and ask for drugs as soon as you can (even a little bit of something-something before your epidural, like nubane). get lots of rest and good luck!!! so excited for you guys!