Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dear Grace,

Ninety days ago, I was given the most precious joy in the world, YOU. I got to see you and hold you for the first time. I cannot believe how quickly these 3 months have gone by.
You have gotten so big and grown so much in these past months. You can hold your own head up and love to be on your belly so you can show off. When Daddy and I put you on your belly you giggle and coo. You talk in almost any position though. But your belly is a favorite. You like to be independent and get irritated when Daddy holds you too much. You want to be free to kick and throw your arms around.
There is really not anything that I would not do for you, and I enjoy each and every minute of the day that I get to spend with you. I look forward to your smile that spreads across your face when I wake you up or before I pick you up from your crib. And the smile that comes right before you drift off to sleep. It is one of the best parts of my day.
My precious little girl, I love you very much, more than I ever thought I would or even could. I am so very deeply in love with you!

Yours Truly,

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