Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sleepy BABY!

It has been a quick 10 weeks! Miss Gracie is finally packing on some weight and we are starting to see those adorable baby fat rolls that are ONLY cute on babies! In fact she has gotten so long we had to transition her out of the pack n play and into her crib! I think the transition was more for Mom and Dad rather than her, it didn't seem to phase her one bit.

We are so grateful for her sleeping habits! She is sleeping through the night and takes multiple naps each day. In fact, I just snuck in and took this picture of her! This is usually how she ends up sleeping. But she will sleep anywhere! She slept through Uncle Josh's entire wedding! And most of the reception.

But sometimes the little stinker does not want to sleep and when Mommy goes into check on her, Grace's eyes POP open and the smile instantly shines. . It is amazing how quickly she is growing. The first and last pictures in this post are only 10 days apart!

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